Deep in the swamps near the Florida Everglades, there was a top-secret scientific testing laboratory.  The testing lab was full of alligators and hummingbirds. 

The Government had engineered an experiment to monitor the habits of these creatures.

Then, late one night, an explosion lit up the sky.  There was fire everywhere.  During this great catastrophe, something happened . . .
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The Hummingators
The Hummingators were born.
The Hummingators
Now, part hummingbird, part alligator, the Hummingators are available exclusively through this internet offer.  Each set of Hummingators are numbered and include The Story of the Hummingators.
A Plush, Collectible Toy
Great for gift ideas, from the toddler to the serious collector.
Each numbered set of Hummingators include 'Bubba, Ali, Marcus, Drewfus and Baby Mi-Mi.
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A series of children's books about the Hummingators is planned for the near future.  Interested publishers are urged to contact us.